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 Posted: Wed Jul 18th, 2018 01:04 pm
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Adding Coil-Overs to the Rear, would mean removing the leafs, then you would need control arm to handle the rear end movement... not an easy or quick change over and not one that the back yard mechanic could do, well at least mot me !

I do not know the best or even a good brand of Shocks but talk to a local Suspension Shop and see what they suggest, can't hurt... that is if you have a local shop !
I do know..., Gas Shocks ride harder than Hydraulic Shocks, but Gas Shocks don't fade as quickly, something to think about !

To be sure if the shocks are long enough you will need to jack the truck up by the frame and allow the rear end to hang all the way with the wheels off the ground.   Measure that distance and write it down.  then determine the shortest distance with the axle jacked up, write that one down too !
You now have the beginnings of which shock length to use, but to me at least let someone that know suspensions pick the shocks, the back yard mechanic can do the job but you need the correct shock to get the ride.
Also, once the new shocks are in place, recheck the distance for the drop of the rear end... just to make sure !

To reiterate my position, my Truck rode BAD, bounced on every bump, bounced BAD, almost to the point of loss of control on the repeated bumps.  Once the rear shock, of proper length were installed AND my fronts were rebuilt, all was well again !

Good Luck on your choice and the length !

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