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 Posted: Sat Jul 7th, 2018 02:14 pm
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Get yourself a Luk gold Repset (driven disc pressure plate, pilot bearing, alignment tool), a LUK master cylinder, LUK slave cylinder and have at it. Clutch on a 4 banger can take about 3-5 hours total to change out for somebody who knows what they are doing and working slowly. For a first timer I would plan a whole weekend.

You can have the flywheel surfaced at a local shop and then press in a new pilot bearing.

You can buy the master cylinder/line and slave cylinder pre bled and assembled it takes out half of the guesswork
On your 4 cylinder engine you can drop the 5 speed SO EASY with the right tools
With the pre bled hydraulics you just install it, then bleed the slave 2-3 times, done.
LUK clutches are OEM quality and last like OEM, I have used them in all of our ford projects for many years including my 7.3 "shop" truck
DO NOT buy a cheapo deapo hydraulics set, you must use a good slave cylinder!!! NO Autozone or Oreilly cheapos in there!!!

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