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 Posted: Sat Jul 7th, 2018 02:44 am
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I’ll probably do it tomorrow

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I'm about due for a clutch replacement (I think the one I have is the one it had new? I bought my truck used and have 30k on it and they could've replaced it) and I don't want to spend $800 to get it replaced from a shop. I know it's $800 because I talked to a guy who went to a local shop here and had his done and he has an older 2.3l 5 speed and he said that's how much it was. Anyways, how hard is the clutch to do? Could someone who's only done preventative maintenance (rotors, pads, calipers, wheel bearings, oil, plugs, leaf spring shackles are all I've done) do it at home without a lift? Any special tools needed? Any help is appreciated, thanks guys and gals.

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