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 Posted: Tue Jun 26th, 2018 11:56 am
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410customs wrote:
in CA you are allowed to install a drivetrain from similar year or newer as long as you retain the emissions equipment that was in your 3.0 to begin with and or the emissions equipment for your donor engine.

There are other headers that will work with a 302 into a RBV, the FMS and TMH headers are designed to work with the factory Explorer down pipes, any other manifolds will require custom down pipes. The early mustang Tri Y manifolds are a GOOD option for a 4wd ranger project on a budget

TMH headers were originally $720 shipped I believe, I got two sets for free and then bought another set directly from them for $550 and that was his cost
My 88 BII was the guinea pig for the first TMH conversion headers = why I got free stuff

I have a set of Truck Header, heavy walled tubing, 1/2" thick Flanges, very heavy and built rugged, not sure who makes them but purchased from Summit a long time back.  They are kind of shaped like the old HiPo 289 Cast Iron Headers.

I also have a set of the HIPo 289 Cast Iron Headers, they are a shorty header with flowing lines from the heads to the collectors, actually a nice looking set of headers for their time, wonder what they are worth !?!   I do think they would work on my '03/5.0 conversion but I have never got to the point of trying them and yes they would require a custom header pipe.
L&L Products makes a GREAT set of conversion headers, made from very heavy material, and fit my '88/5.0L setup and fit great but again never tried them in a newer Ranger Conversion.    
Now since I am having a problem with California Emissions I probably won't need the Cast iron or the Truck header anymore... so much stuff to sell off !

Anyway, good to be in a business to get stuff free or at cost, I used to be in the Stereo Business, installs too but not the super elaborate setups, but there was always a discount price on equipment I tested for the Distributor, but those days are gone, I would be happy with just a decent discount now !

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