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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2018 10:07 am
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Mike69 wrote:
Dusten, what is the mileage on your Ranger?. My last Ranger when I pulled the belt to replace it the tensioner fell apart & it was around 100K if I remember the mileage correctly. If the belt has not been replaced in a long while I would replace it & the tensioner together. From what I can hear in the video that is what it sounds like, also the p/s pump is whining too.

The belt is new.  I replaced it just before driving across country, so it has maybe 5 or 6k on it.

I will pull the belt today and see if the noise goes away.

As for the PS pump whine, that can kiss my ass.  Its a new pump that I installed when I bought the truck.  Its quieter than the pump i replaced, but still pretty loud.  I know that the air can be removed with a vacuum setup but I lack the setup.  I've ensured it is filled and I have cycled the front end back and forth with the tires up.  At this point I just accept the noise as normal.

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