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 Posted: Tue Jun 12th, 2018 12:06 am
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JAMMAN wrote:

It isn't the return line that is bugging me it is taking the regulator off the fuel pump. The return line would be virtually blocked until the pressure reaches the 60+ PSI if I am thinking correctly.

IMO, looking at the big picture, pulling the bed, removing the tank unit and unplugging the tank regulator would be a relatively small part of the swap. 

Of course, there is also another way to deal with the return line that does not require removing the bed. Simply dump it into the filler neck using home made parts or using a kit designed expressly for that. Then the Ranger regulator in the tank tries to send 65 PSI forward but it is limited at the rail by the rail regulator dumping the excess back to the tank and holding the rail pressure at 30~40 PSI, vacuum regulated. So, in this scenario, the supply hose would also be limited to something close to 40 and therefore never open the regulator dump inside the tank. When I first heard about this approach, I was a little skeptical but it seems to work just fine. A few swappers have done it that way successfully.

There are fancy EFI return kits and simple ones. Moroso makes this one that fits into a 2" rubber filler hose. I don't know if that is the right size for a 2000 Ranger filler  or if there are any other issues with using it on a Ranger tank - just an example. It should be easy enough to make one tailored to the diameter if necessary. The return fuel line is under much lower pressure compared to the fuel supply line so that should make it easier to come up with something safe.

Just slapping on a set of returnless rails without changing anything else and trying to run 65 PSI into a system designed and calibrated for 30~40? Just my opinion but that doesn't sound like a formula for a happy ending.   

Trying to go the other way and convert your engine completely to 99~01 5.0L spec -  the 96~97.25 has the most differences, even more than the 97.25 through 1998. That would mean a lot of work to change it into something that resembles a factory setup. 

Lots of options here. Good luck.

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