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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 08:21 pm
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JAMMAN wrote:
I need a set of non return rails. I have return rails being it is from a 97 mounty.
Option 1:
I would be inclined to retain the early 97's return rails along with matching 97 engine, harnesses, PCM and 96 trans,. Then the only "big" (not) thing that needs to changed in the Ranger is the addition of the return line. There may be a couple of other minor things but nothing difficult. Even the speedometer will continue to work just as it does now in the 00 Ranger.  

Option 2:
If you go the other way, I see a lot more work. Change to the 99-01 returnless rails and pulse damper and you should look at the following:
  • injectors (17# instead of the early 19#)
  • Returnless PCM (fuel map calibrated for the higher pressure and different injectors)

The late returnless PCM would then drive changes to:
  • 2-wire Variable Reluctance cam position sensor and synchronizer instead of the early 3-wire Hall Effect parts (read by PCM)
  • EGR with DPFE sensor instead of early EGR and EGR position sensor (read by PCM)
  • Should use the MAF with integral IAT instead of the separate MAF and intake manifold IAT. (different temp transfer function in PCM for the different location)
  • Change from the early analog Transmission Range Sensor  to late Digital Transmission Range Senaor (read by PCM)
  • Engine and transmission harnesses both swapped to 99-up to support the above changes
  • All returnless Ex 5.0s had PATS. So PATS either needs to be added to the Ranger or cal'd out in the late PCM.
  • ETC.

Sure, you could do it either way successfully. You might be able to "fake it"  and skip some of the items in option 2. Still, no matter how you cut it, the first option seems a LOT easier to me. And it is all factory designed and calibrated to work together, so fewer potential "gotchas". Bonus: you already own almost all of the stuff needed to do option 1.

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