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 Posted: Mon Jun 11th, 2018 02:40 pm
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I have return style fuel rails and injectors in my parts collections if you guys need something
My BII is return style because it was a 94 4.0 before the v8 conversion
I converted the 88 fuel system to use a 90 BII in tank sender and a walbro 255 pump. I ran a second inline filter to replace the 88 stock high pressure pump in the frame rail = sinlge in tank pump and sender

Eventually I want to convert my BII to returnless to simplify plumbing. Sje will also get an atlas t case or a doubler of sorts and a 331cc FSB at the same time.

The 2007 Ranger we have downstairs the fuel line no longer runs on the frame rail it runs along the drivers side of the trans and up to the bellhousing area, Ford saved alot of fuel line this way it looks like, I like it!

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