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 Posted: Sun Jun 10th, 2018 02:05 pm
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You can swap fuel rails no problem
The PCM does not care what type of fuel pump you are running, the signal to the fuel pump is the same
Returnless = cooler fuel = more power and better mpg

The PATS system in 98-01 is simple. The PCM checks for verification from the pats model that the correct key is inserted. I can literally add PATS to any vehicle even an early bronco.

I will only use the Canton 360 degree oil filter relocate puck, it clears the frame on a TTB truck and allows you to point your fuel lines exactly where you want with no chance of leaks when installed correctly.

My Bronco II has a 3/8" body DROP, no body lift
I am running solid engine mounts and a custom urethane (Autofab) trans mount. The stock 5.0 runs so smooth I can hardly tell its running
I have cruise control and air conditioning using the 1988 dash
I am using a floor shifter from a 96 mustang modified with gates to keep the shifter locked into 1 and 2 (hand file some detents) This gives me the OD on and off button right in the shifter handle and plus I love floor shifters.

To get the 98+ ranger tachometer to understand the signal from the v8 drivetrain you simply need to move one ground wire from one connector to another on theback of the inst cluster

There is some simple wiring to do under the hood the ranger high pressure AC switch is part of the body harness on a ranger and part of the alternator harness on an explorer. So a simple plug can be built from donor parts to make the V8 starter/power/ ac switch harness plug in.

Be careful There are some wiring changes inside the PCM harness from 96-97, 97.5-98, and 99-01
Also wiring changes at the solenoids for the trans in 96-98 and 98-01 
The cam sensor changed 3 times
Oil pressure and water temp sensors usually go with the dash, so take them from your old engine
The 96-97.5 had a ait temp sensor, the 98-01 use the 7 wire MAS with sensor built in
I like to delete the throttle body hot water plumbing and the pass side coolant water jacket that runs along the valve cover, this cleans up the engine bay a bit

There are ways around most of this stuff so conversions can be mixed matched
My 1988 uses the 97.5 PCM my donor was a 97 Mountaineer with no pats and P heads. I have a 96 Ranger manual t case and a 4r70w from a 2001. My wiring is completely custom using power distribution box from 94 explorer because my truck was a a 4.0L before the v8 for 12+ years.
Also careful with the VSS stuff, the earlier rangers 83-95 still used a cable to drive the speedo, so you will want to use a t case or trans with a VSS you can add a cable too. On my 1988 I eventually modified the dash to run an aftermarket Autometer speedo (factory dashpot location) that talks to the 97 style VSS
Now days you can get a GPS speedometer and be done with it.

Oh yeah and one of the other great things about the Explorer 302 
A METAL POWER STEERING PUMP!!! NO FORD RANGER WHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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