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 Posted: Sun Jun 10th, 2018 10:49 am
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410customs wrote:
Plus the the gt40p heads 0n the 97.5-up spark plug angle is different and causes a problem with header selection
1.  No sir all you need is 45 degree angle boots on the spark plug wire set to defeat this myth

2. The injectors changed in 98-01 as they run at 62-68 psi the earlier trucks run 32-38 psi
All 5.0 injectors are 4 hole bosch 19#

3. All 5.0 Explorers are also 3.73 gearing with limited slip rear axle 

4. Pats security in 97.5-01 is easy to add to any RBV as long as you have the PATS module, key and PCM
7 wires

5. 96-97 had a crappy water/oil, cooler built into the lower radiator hose. I hate these things. They can allow water in the oil when they fail
A 98-01 oil filter mount or remote filter mount kit along with the 98+ style lower hose is all that is needed to defeat that item

6. AWD t cases are similar 96-01, however 98+ the VSS moved to the rear axle

7. The 4r70w Auto transmission very similar 96-01, except in 98 it got a digital DTRS instead of analog and a better set of wiring to solenoids inside the transmission

8. The factory exhaust manifolds were pieced together 96-97, we call them "welded". Prone to leaks
The 98-01 engines had cast manifolds, flow much better but still restrictive
Just by bolting on a good shorty header you will see additional 24 HP and increased MPG

9. I love them very much, need anything with your project just ask!
Or bring it to my shop I can help!

First off I have an early 97 5.0 with non P heads already planted in the first ranger, it's a 2wd coil spring, I have a 96 4R70W from a 2WD expo mounted to it.

The non P heads were intentional due to the header rumors BUT.....

1. Have always wondered that, especially after searching for almost a year looking for torque monsters just to find a set of FMS headers allegedly appropriate for either P or non P heads. When I put them on I thought "Wow it wouldn't matter what angle the plug came out at I bet I could get a boot on there". But who am I?  :)

2. Didn't exactly know that, my 2wd ranger is returnless and the setup on the motor is return. I would rather swap out the rails and run returnless but was cautioned against it. Running the return and taking the regulator off the fuel pump seems like so much work. One member here (Doc I believe) did run the return.

3. That's why I had to buy a 4.0 explorer to get a 4.10!!! You would not believe the amount of door tags I looked at.

4. Was originally scared of this one of the reasons I went with a 97 donor AND my 2000 ranger 2wd was a 4 cyl so there was no pats either.

5. Running a Hayden remote oil filter, already on there.

6. Doesn't scare me at all, there are SOOOO many ways to get a speed signal.

7. Using 96 2wd trans, 97 PCM, no problem? All the sensors bolted right up, harness was identical to the 4wd tranny I threw away unfortunately.

8. This I headed into the project fully aware of. I have a picture of the stock manifold posted somewhere here it is a joke.

9. My first one is very close to being done, I will plan the second one much more carefully. The 96 donor I was thinking for the second one. When the first one is drivable, I'll drive it and start on the second one if time/money permits. I would really like to find a 2000 though for the second one I think it would be an easier swap due to the fuel pressure/pats/vss thing.

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