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Plus the the gt40p heads 0n the 97.5-up spark plug angle is different and causes a problem with header selection
No sir all you need is 45 degree angle boots on the spark plug wire set to defeat this myth
GT40 and GT40p headers will bolt onto each other, meaning you can use headers on either head they are interchangeable
I have fitted p head headers onto Edelbrock aluminums and also GT40 heads

96 is first year of V8 sploder
GT40 non p heads, internal EGR (inside the intakes)
96 still has VSS in talhousing of AWD t case or trans
97.5-01 as stated come with GT40 P heads (flow better) and external EGR (EGR tube on pass manifold, not inside intakes)
98-01 went from return style fuel to returnless (single fuel line)
The injectors changed in 98-01 as they run at 62-68 psi the earlier trucks run 32-38 psi
All 5.0 injectors are 4 hole bosch 19#
I prefer the 98-01 engines with P heads, but they all run perfectly, I mean its a 302!!
All 5.0 Explorers are also 3.73 gearing with limited slip rear axle 

Pats security in 97.5-01 is easy to add to any RBV as long as you have the PATS module, key and PCM
7 wires

The intakes are different 96-97.5 and then 98-01, the plumbing for the EGR Changed as noted above
The throttle body elbows are part of the EGR on the earlier setups
96-97 had a crappy water/oil, cooler built into the lower radiator hose. I hate these things. They can allow water in the oil when they fail
A 98-01 oil filter mount or remote filter mount kit along with the 98+ style lower hose is all that is needed to defeat that item

AWD t cases are similar 96-01, however 98+ the VSS moved to the rear axle
The 4r70w Auto transmission very similar 96-01, except in 98 it got a digital DTRS instead of analog and a better set of wiring to solenoids inside the transmission
All v8 (Im talking 302) explores are either RWD or AWD, never a 4x4 option. 
All V8 explorers are 4r70w automatic, never a manual transmission
The computer does not care what T case you run (good news)|
The 4r70w stands for 
4 speed with reverse, 7 is for 700 ft lbs of torque (factory rating) W is wide ratio gearset (it has short 1st gear and tall overdrive when compared to the earlier AOD-E)
4r70w uses 6 bolt 30 spline output givbing you several part time transfer case options
You can do manual shift or E shift t case
E shift t case you can wire up using 2004+ Ranger motorolla 4x4 control box
BW1356, BW4406, NP205 are good t case options for Ranger conversions
Can build 1356/56 or NP203/205 or 1356/205 doubler or whatever you can dream up
For some rangers you can use a F150 or expedition driveshaft and have a rear F150 driveshaft shortened to complete the conversion
5.0L explorers have DIS ignition, they are MAS, they use 4 oxygen sensors with two primary cat converters and two secondary
I typically delete the secondaries they are not required even in most emissions counties

Y ou can easily use a 96 as a donor
(7.5 - 01 works as well
Best to get the ENTIRE donor is can really save some $$$ in the long run
Conversions can be done in 4 days or 4 years from mild to wild

Explorers are heavy pigs and they were designed around the SOHC 4.0, not the 302, so the Gt40 302 was fitted with a crappy full time 70/30 AWD t case instead of a real part time unit. They did get some nice goodies, 135 amp alternator, high volume water pump, high volume oil pump, nice serpentine belt drive and timing cover (short front dress), externally balanced damper, and the best flowing intakes a 302 ever saw factory. The gt40 is a roller motor with hydraulic roller tipped lifters, it still has stamped rockers 1.6 ratio and a mild/emissions/daily driver camshaft.
The factory exhaust manifolds were pieced together 96-97, we call them "welded". Prone to leaks
The 98-01 engines had cast manifolds, flow much better but still restrictive
Just by bolting on a good shorty header you will see additional 24 HP and increased MPG

I am a huge fan of the GT40 302 with 4r70w and part time T case
BOMB PROOF DRIVETRAIN, reliable, easy to work on under the hood of a ranger (better then V6) they dont care if its 30 below or 130 out, when in a proper state of tune they just run
When Ford put the V8 in the Explorer they did us all a huge favor because they packaged it to fit in the ranger.
If you want to fit this into a 90-97 Ranger (beamed truck) you need dual sump oil pan/dipstick, custom engine mounts and a oil filter re locate. Radiator tuck is also needed or some heavy core support mods
Engine driven fans were metal to start with and the plastic came later. Metal is durable, the plastic is lighter better MPG
Into a 98-01 Ranger its basically a bolt in affair with some simple wiring and simple changes to steering column and inst cluster 
With a camshaft and some roller rockers, a good phenolic intake spacer,  well thought out exhaust w shorty headers and a part time T case your Ranger turns into a real rip snorting fun to drive reliable SOB
I converted my 1988 Bronco II back in 2005
I have built several V8 Rangers of all years in all forms

I love them very much, need anything with your project just ask!
Or bring it to my shop I can help!

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