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 Posted: Thu May 10th, 2018 01:48 pm
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Hmmmmm the 302 bellhousing will only bolt to a few automatics

If anyone has the answer to this is will be my buddy Brett I will ask him. I know we can use the 5r55s automatic behind our OHV and SOHC V6's, paddle shift it with an aftermarket controller....but not with a SBF?

The 4r70w is about your best auto to go behind that but it is not a 6 speed, neither is the 5r55

The t case is not the issue, Atlas is avail for both the 5 and 6 bolt Ford tail housings so it can fit any 4wd transmission we choose.

the cummins re power is a joke for us, it is basically meant to repower old Landcruisers and Jeeps, replacing weak 4 bangers. We sawa the Cummins 2.8 at Sema and when we asked the Cummins reps about "larger turbo" they skoffed at us...not the purpose of the 2.8
Also not emissions friendly for your OBDII truck as you are finding out. So the BT4 is still a better conversion with all of its aftermarket support.

I was same as you, found the new Cummins 2.8 and figured it would make its way into my wifes FJ....well not yet. Cummins did not intend it to be used that way so we will have to wait for the aftermarket to come to our rescue.
I was appauled by their response at Sema, seriously we cannot be the first ones to ask if it can make more power easily (IE LARGER TURBO!!!!!!!) I would think thats the first question anyone would ask!
I do drool all over the International Scout that received Cummins 2.8 #1 its super nice and an era correct restomod

I build custom RBV, specializing in drivetrain conversions, wiring, suspension and complete custom trucks