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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2018 04:28 pm
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For all of my under carriage parts, I bead blast them, free of Paint and rust.
Apply a coating of DuPont Etching Primer, cover all but not too heavy.  I believe a good primer is the best first step when painting.
Let dry, no matter what the can says, I have found the paint lasts longer if the primer is dried; maybe it has time to adhere to the metal.
Spray with the DuPont HD Black Paint; the can might have said Diesel Paint !

Touch up is easier than Powder Coating, the paint have never peeled because of rusting underneath, I think that is the primer, and Dupont has always had the best matching color system for OEM Parts.

OK black isn't much of an OEM Color, but DuPont in general has a great line of paint !

Body parts are either blasted or sanded well, removing all signs of rust, Etching Primer is applied and then a top coat of paint from the same manufacture.
I like to keep the paints and primers similar, keeping the same manufacture seems to help in the long run keeping the paint adhered to the metal/plastic parts.

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