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 Posted: Sun May 6th, 2018 03:32 pm
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New Audio On The Way !

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Thanks for the info !
A 4.0 is out, just as well keep the 3.0 Slow.
I have a 5.0L, but I can't seem to get an info on keeping a head of the Emission Test.
I got one number from a Member hurter, of a guy that may have been able to help, but he never returned his calls.
So I am up un the air with this one.

My fist thought a couple of years ago when Cummins introduced their Crate Motor Project, was to get one of their 2.8L Turbo Diesels, with a complete smog package for California, CA didn't approve the engine for anything above '99; more of an off-road approval, which was basically already inlace.

So here I sit on a nice 5.0L, no trans, wanting an a six-speed automatic, and no one I can find is willing to assist.

Do you know what is a good six-speed Automatic that will work behind a 5.0L and work with an Atlas II - T/C, and fit the Ranger ?
IF I get some way to make the 5.0L happen I want a newer auto, getting older and want the 5-sp to go away !

Thanks to you for your knowledge and to anyone that posted... !

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Working on more Mods, just need more time, longer days would work !