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 Posted: Sun May 6th, 2018 07:25 am
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So I’ve been thinkin about tryin to add a set of oem fenders flares from any ranger year 93-up to the front fenders ( flatbed rear so don’t need them ). For the most part they all seem to have the same shape when it comes to the cut outs of the wheel arch . I’ve thought about just stock 4x4 flares from my body style 93-97 (smaller trim like lookin)  but also know the newer body styles are a lil bigger and have the bolt/rivet look to them depending on aftermarket or oem  . If anyone actually owns a flared ranger ( any year ) and could take a few measurements and pics . I would have a better chance installing new which I prefer  then goin to the jy and buying possibly multiple used flares to find the right ones . I will though if I have to lol  

Here’s a pic of my body style 4x4 with oem flares . I’m lowered and goin for a certain look

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