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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2018 07:42 am
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Resurrected post..

I finally was doing something else tonight and I wanted to take some fresh pics of my under hood light efforts. Almost 3 years old, no issues with heat, no 2-sided tape concerns, it just works.

Here is from about 20 ft or so away, note the amount of shadow light surrounding the front of the truck area.

From about 6 ft away

3ft above the engine or so..

I modded the factory mercury switch, kept the waterproof secondary switch for the fact of the light is so bright that while off roading at night. The mercury switch bounces around and makes temporary contact and from in the wheel liners it looks like I have a mini-lighting storm going on under the hood; which also doubles as a switch to kill power to the light during the day when the light is unnecessary as the OEM one would require you to literally unplug it in order to do the same.. wasn't an option for me. All wiring neatly tucked and routed to eliminate any wire chaffing issues, shorts, etc.. 

Also added another same light onto the glass window of the topper for the benefit of turning the tailgate into a work surface area for trail cooking at night, making some coffee or fishing in the cooler for a cold Kilt Lifter beer!

The addition of an 8pc rock light kit will assist in the under-illumination from within the front wheel wells for the lower portion of the engine bay and somewhat underneath, as well rear wheel wells, front and aft of the spare tire storage. This should give me all the additional illumination from under the truck should I need it. If not, I have several Streamlight flashlights that are USB rechargeable with extra batteries.. lol

Just my thoughts on it all, whatcha think of the setup?

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