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An interesting article about snorkels...       #: 136
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 Posted: Sun Nov 5th, 2017 05:26 am
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Both of The Adventure Portal rigs have snorkels and we are constantly asked why.  We have heard people laugh and say that they are unnecessary.  We live in southern California and of course it doesn’t rain much, so why have them? Our Tacoma has an Airflow snorkel, so we decided to reach out to the company and ask them for an article that explains what exactly a snorkel does and how it works.

So, if you are considering purchasing a snorkel for your vehicle, read on.  If you are not, read on and quit laughing at people who have snorkels… ... d-upgrade/

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 Posted: Tue Nov 7th, 2017 03:06 pm
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Probably as much of a minefield as religion or politics but, for what it is  worth, generally speaking you want to take inlet air for the engine from a high pressure source rather than a low pressure one.

In front of the radiator is generally the best one to use because it keeps inlet paths short, although another good one is at the base of the wind-shield - wherever the shape of the body makes the air speed up, the pressure drops.

Under the fenders is usually low pressure as can be the area within 12 inches or so of the top of the wind-shield.

Another consideration is the mouth of the intake - sharp or square edges reduce the effective area of the opening, bell mouthed openings are preferable to maximise airflow - look at any jet engine to see what I mean.

Finally, any difference - positive or negative - is unlikely to amount to more than a couple of BHP.

BMC made lots of cash selling a carburettor upgrade to MGB owners back in the day - cos they gave up to 5 BHP extra - what they didn't say was that that was at 6000 rpm - at normal driving revs it actually LOST power because of the slower airspeed through the carbs and poorer atomisation of the fuel.

Would I bolt one onto my Ranger if I had one - no, I wouldn't, think of the extra drag of that thing!

If I wanted more performance I'd stick a big V8 in there every time, lazy V8s sound better too!

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